Registration and Tuition

Download the Winter/Spring 2017 enrollment form here: Enrollment form Bath LCR Enrollment form Brecksville LCR Enrollment form Hudson LCR Enrollment form Independence LCR Enrollment form Solon

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Gymnastics lessons

Class always begins with a warm-up of large motor skills, stretching, brain dance and yoga.  Then, we move into our gymnastics.  We attempt/master our skills using obstacle courses with different stations of equipment. Tumbling: Animal walks, donkey kicks, handstand drills, cartwheel drills and cartwheels, somersaults, log rolls, candlestick rolls, table, bridges. Vaulting: Running, hopping, jumping, squat on, straddle […]

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Dance lessons

Dance class typically begins with a warm-up of large motor skills (gallop, skip, jump, hop…), stretching, yoga and brain dance exercises.  We then move into our theme and concept work.  Other dances may focus on BALLET, TAP and CREATIVE/FREE dancing.  We finish our class with across the floor steps and props to reinforce our theme or a […]

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A recital is held at the end of Fall Semester (September-December) and Winter/Spring Semester (January-May).  No recital is held in

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